Q&A Time

How to Sound Your Best On the Microphone

I'm going to share with you some insights on how to sound your best on the microphone.

1) Although I can raise and lower the volume on the microphone, at some point if I go any louder, there will be feedback. Nobody likes to hear a loud, whiney screech. So the first recommendation I can make is to keep the microphone about 2-3 inches from your mouth. This will deliver optimum sound and will give me the room I need to either turn you up or down depending on your volume.

2) There is no need to scream into the microphone.

3) There is no need to cup the microphone like your favorite singer does. We use different types of microphones and if you do that at a karaoke show, the result is usually a muffled sound and sometimes feedback.

4) If you naturally sing in a low tone, try moving the microphone a little closer to your lips or project more.

5) If you feel the need to swing the microphone around by the cord, buy your own and do it at home. If you do it at a show the odds are you will break a wire in the microphone cord and it will no longer work. An even worse case is the microphone gets loose from the cord, goes flying into the crowd and injures someone.The odds are even better you will never be allowed to sing at my show again. I enjoy showmanship, and I enjoy a good time, however I do not allow anyone to abuse my equipment. I don't come to your job and abuse your equipment. Please show me and your fellow singers the same respect.