Q&A Time

Why Don't You Have My Favorite Song?

There are several possible reasons why we don't have a song you'd like to sing

1) Some songs have not come out in karaoke. When a CD comds out, karaoke comapnies decide which songs ae likely to be hits and they negotiate for the rights to do a karaoke version of the song. If they don;t negotiate the rights, the song doesn't come out in a karaoke version. Sometimes the artist and the music label just can;t come to terms.

2) The song is rather new and hasn't come out yet

3) The song is an older song and there is not a large demand for it, so the karaoke companies no longer distribute the song

4) Sometimes, the song is availalbe and I just don't have it. I'll make every effort to get it, but the odds are likely it's not going to happen during the show. Sorry.