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Powerful News

  • 5february '18

    New Show
    Join me every Tuesday night at TA's Cargo Club along with Flash & Batman beginning at 6pm.

  • 5february '18

    This Week
    Join us Tuesday and Thursday at TA's Cargo Club and Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at Jersey Pub.

  • 18july '17

    Songlist Update
    The song list page has been updated with all the newest songs. Please click on the Song List link above .

  • 28nov'16

    Season's Greetings
    We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate. Come out and sing with us.

  • 10may '16

    We do karaoke every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at Jersey Pub and the 2nd Thursday every month at TA's Cargo Club.

  • 7feb '16

    Sounding Great!
    Have you ever wondered how to sound your best on the mic? Here's how

  • 3april '14

    I'm with the band
    Rasputin sang recently with the band Big Noyzz. We've got the video right here.

  • 2february '14

    Why do I sound like crap when I sing?
    Take it from me, you don't really sound like crap. Here's why...
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  • 3january '14

    Why don't you have my favorite song?
    Not every song comes out in karaoke form. Other songs are no longer available.
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Regularly Scheduled Shows

Every Tuesday Night at TA's Cargo Club

Every Tuesday, it's Flash, Friar and Batman. We sing all youe favorite songs and we love to fulfil your requests. We start the party at 6pm and sing all night long. Come out and enjoy yourself at TA's Cargo Club.3604 Mangum Rd Houston, TX 77092.

Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at Jersey Pub

Come join us for fun and song each Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8:00pm until Midnight at Jersey Pub,17356 Northwest Fwy. Jersey Village, TX 77040.

2nd and 4th Thursday Nights at TA's Cargo Club

Join us the 2nd and 4th Thursday nights each month from 8:00pm until Midnight for karaoke and fun at TA's Cargo Club. Thursdays are burger nights, so come hungry and get a big grilled burger or grilled chicken breast and enjoy yourself at TA's Cargo Club.3604 Mangum Rd Houston, TX 77092.